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Mega Man 8 Longplay

We just wrapped up making a longlpay recording of Mega Man 8 for PS1. General consensus is that it’s one of the worst classic style Mega Man games in the series. The addition of character voices was not necessary and actually more than a little annoying. Not to mention the soundtrack being sub par, which is usually one of the high points of Mega Man games. Personally my least favorite, but still better than most other action/platformers.  Your thoughts?



Get equipped with Rockman No Constancy

This was one of the most fun carts to make and play. Usually I find making labels to be somewhat tedious, but I even enjoyed making labels for this, and I think they came out pretty awesome. Hard as dicks though. The game that is…. It’s difficult. Most challenging Mega Man I had ever played. It’s by no means Battle Kid difficulty level, though it might be if you didn’t have a blessed life meter. Excellent song remixes, excellent stage art, excellent game. Even if you are not interested in owning this game in cart format, I’d say go find the ROM and play it on an emulator. It’s a game no fan of Mega Man should miss.

Send me a message if you’re interesting in buying a cart. I also have 2 alternate labels available.


Making Difficult Mode Look Easy – Mega Man 2

Ok, so in all honesty, we actually screwed up a few times pretty bad and this is definitely not the best run I’ve ever done. But at least it was done without using a single continue. I know there’s some clown out there who’s probably done a 100% perfect no hit run on this game on difficult. Fuck them.

Mega Man 2 American Box Art

Ok, so this is totally like over 20 years of relevancy, and I know it’s kind of like an accepted joke, but what’s with the Mega Man American box art? Specifically Mega Man 2. Did the art designer even play the game? Was he denied very important information? Aside from moving far away from the original art design – whatever, I’ll accept that; there are two things done terribly wrong.


1. Dr. Light is hiding behind Crash Man, pointing at Mega Man, as if to say attack.  Dr. Light would not be doing this, Dr. Wily should be there instead.

2. Mega Man is using a pistol. When, in the entirety of the game does he fire a pistol? No, Mega Man uses the Mega Buster, an arm cannon that extends from his forearm.

Yeah, this is something I think about regularly, today, it just got to the boiling point I wanted to talk about it….these are the biggest concerns in my life….not my newborn son or paying my mortgage or anything. Cuz, ya know, that’s not important…

On a somewhat related note, why was Clash Man, in the Japanese release renamed Crash Man in the American release? I can’t imagine it’s for any sort of infringement or special interest groups reasons. The only thing I can come up with is that Clash Man pronounced by a Japanese person comes out sounding like Crash Man.

Mega Man X – 100% Run

One of my favorite Mega Man games of all time. Might even be my top favorite. There’s just so many kick ass things about it. Mega Man on the NES was always top tier, and then when I found out they were making a Mega Man game for the SNES, I was filled with almost more excitement than my little childhood body could contain. Everything about it was an improvement. Can you have a complaint about this game? Seriously, this is an action-platformer perfection.

Mega Ma… I mean, Mighty No. 9

picture by Tomycase from deviantart

picture by Tomycase from deviantart

It’s no secret that I have a mega boner for Mega Man. When I heard that Keiji Inafune was leaving Capcom and they were ultimately canning their Mega Man Legends 3 project, it was bad news bears for me and many other Mega Man fans worldwide. Inafune, refusing to accept defeat in, what he thought was, the failing Japanese game development community, eventually went on to form his own development studio called, Comcept, bringing other Capcom talent with him.

On August 31st, Comcept brought their Mighty No. 9 campaign live on Kickstarter. In less than a day, they already had met their funding goal. Clearly this was the answer Mega Man fans had been waiting for. What is Mighty No. 9? Go look for yourself on their kickstarter page. It’s basically an updated Mega Man style game, enhanced for a new era. It will have the same classic 8/16 bit style of gameplay, but they will be taking fan input to help mold their game. You play as Beck, the sole robot to not be affected to a insanity causing virus which causes other robots to go berserk. Fight through levels in any order you choose and mix it up with an evil robot boss at the end (sound like Mega Man much?)

The game is being developed for PC, and recently announced, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U. However, it has an estimated release day of April 2015. With almost 2 years to go, the gaming landscape will undoubtedly change quite a bit, so I’m sure we’ll see additional releases on the newer systems as well. The PC will support gamepad controls, which are 100% necessary as anyone who’s tried to play a Mega Man game on emulator with a keyboard should know. And if you’re saying, “Well I have no problem playing NES emulators with a keyboard,” shut up, I wasn’t talking to you. It’s hard for me? OK?!

I really can’t express in words how excited I am. They even are releasing retro style box art and manuals. The only thing that could make me happier is if they have a physical disc to put in that case rather than just a digital download.


Super Mega Man Battle Brawl Bros.


Ok, so E3 has been a pretty big deal this year with 2 new systems being shown off and everyone’s bashing Microsoft and arguing which system they’re gonna get, Xbox or Playstation. Well screw all that. Nintendo wins E3 as far as I’m concerned.  Simple mathematical formula: Smash Bros. + Mega Man = Win. There it is, it’s science. All other arguments are invalid. I can almost, ALMOST, forgive Capcom for cancelling Mega Man Legends III….almost….

Street Fighter X Mega Man


Capcom hasn’t entirely forsaken their Mega Man fans. Many were pretty upset when they pulled the plug on the Mega Man Legends game for the 3DS. But now they bring us, in my opinion, a far more scrumtrulescent addition to the Mega Man universe, a clash of my two favorite Capcom franchises – Street Fighter X Mega Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (there aren’t enough exclamation points in the world to express how awesome this is, so I’ll just stop right there).

This project was officially backed by Capcom, so it’s no mere level hack with new sprites. From the ground up, this is essentially a whole new installment in the Mega Man series. It’s everything you love from an 8-bit Mega Man game complete with 8 bosses, weapon upgrades, top-notch platforming action, and a soundtrack that feels perfectly in step with what you’d expect.

The best part is that it’s totally free to download. However, at the time of this writing, it’s PC only. I honestly don’t ever see this becoming an XBLA or PSN download, and as such, since we’re relegated to playing it on PC, a keyboard just doesn’t cut it for the precision required to adequately perform in a Mega Man game. If you don’t already have one, get yourself a standard gamepad for your computer. I recommend RetroZone if you want to get that authentic NES gameplay feel.

So what the hell are you waiting for? Go download this now! Who knows if they’ll keep it up forever? Just click on the picture up top.


Fun Games For Free

Bit of War

Bit of War is a free download for your PC, made by Holmade Games, who are also responsible for Pixel Whirled and Hurdle Turtle, both available on the Xbox Live indie arcade. But neither one of them are free, or as worthwhile as Bit of War, so I won’t get into them here. Bit of War follows the familiar story of Kratos defying the lords of Olympus, albeit in a side-scrolling, platformer fashion. A cherub-like Kratos wields his blades of chaos against 8-bit skeletons and minotaurs, with a soundtrack to match. They even have a Game and Watch version of God of War on the site, which is a fun diversion for a few minutes.

Mega Man: Day in the Limelight

This one’s hard, even for a Mega Man game. You play as the boss robots from Mega Man fighting through remixed stages from Mega Man 2. After so many years of having the mega buster, not using it throws the whole dynamic of the gameplay off. It’s a challenge. Or Maybe it’s just me, maybe I suck. Playing as Gutsman is particularly tough because you can’t run with him, only jump, and his attacks are ponderously slow. They have a sequel in beta right now. This game comes from Fusion Fangaming and there’s a bunch of other stuff on there so be sure to check them out.



Spelunky is like the spiritual successor to the 1980s console game, Spelunker. Though that game never deserved any kind of sequel, we got one, and it’s pretty damn good. And if you’ve never played the original or don’t remember it, it was impossibly hard, like Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde for NES. Even more obscure? Too bad. Anyway, Spenlunky is far more playable and follows many basic platformer principals, which I’m usually not a fan of but has enough of an adventure feel to make up for it. Armed like a mini Indiana Jones, with a whip, some rope, and a few explosives, your goal is to go relic hunting and find as much riches the bowels of the earth has to offer. This game has already been nominated for a number of awards and is available now for free to download on your PC and will be coming soon to XBLA. The xbox version however has traded its pixely aesthetic for a more polished, cartoonish look. Also, for you toy aficionados out there, they’ll be releasing a set of collectable Spelunky minis along with the game.


Click the links below to check out each games website

Bit of War

Fusion Fangaming

Spelunky World

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