Wilford Brimley Battle – River City Hack

This one is just a guilty pleasure of mine.This is a ROM hack of the River City Ransom game. It’s essentially the same exact game, except Alex and Ryan have been changed to be Wilford Brimley and his clone and all the enemies have been altered to look like old men. Other than that, there are a few minor changes to infuse some extra humor into the game such as an altered plot and some items in stores. You’ll see. Anyway, the game remains mostly the same otherwise and as I said, it was really just a guilty pleasure of mine to make this cart. There’s something quite endearing about being a crazy old man beating up other old men.


  1. I am in Denver. What country are you in. I have bought 10 games from jcretail. So how $ is a Wilford and a mario3mix.

    call if u want SAL 303-363-0071


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