I started this blog in June 2011 because I love video games.  I enjoy playing them, collecting them, talking about them. They are my life and have been since I was about 3 years old.  I’d love to be involved with developing them in some way, but I hate programming and never had the patience to get good at it. I’ve taken a few classes, I did reasonably well, but it just wasn’t for me. Still, video games remain the only constant in my life and I would love to have a career with them to some degree. Do what you love right? If this blog is all that will ever become of that dream, then so be it. At least I enjoy doing this. It would be nice to get paid for it though, or doing something similar like writing for Game Informer or IGN.

Originally I planned on making this blog about indie games, giving praise and reporting on those unsung heroes of the indie gaming community. I feel they really don’t get enough press (probably cause there’s no money in it) and there are some really good indie games out there that people should know about. But it’s (d)evolved into something else now.

Lately I’ve been rather remiss in posting anything new. Apologies to those who care, though few you may be. I’ve been relocated thrice, am working in a whole new position. Additionally, in my ever increasing efforts to eliminate any free time I may have, I have been taking EMT classes. In an unrelated note, I am now the owner of my very own (albeit small) house and can proudly say that I am no longer living in the corner of a room in my friends apartment. I’ve had precious little time to do things other than work, go to school, and sleep. If I got paid for writing the contents of this blog, I’d be posting updates far more frequently. Unfortunately the origins of my income and this blog are not bedfellows. Though I now have been using this site to offer sales of NES reproductions, in case you haven’t already noticed.




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