Hit the Ice

Hit the Ice is basically hockey’s version of Arch Rivals. This arcade classic got ports on the Sega Genesis, SNES, Game Boy, and Turbografx 16, but never made it past prototype phase for the NES. Although lacking in power that the other systems could produce, which is easily noticeable when you look at comparison screen shots, the NES version could arguably be considered the best version of the game. It has Quest Mode, which offers RPG elements to a sports game; you get exp, money, can buy items, there’s an overworld map and random encounters are short hockey matches. There are standard matches for up to 4 players, but I definitely feel that it’s the games quest mode that makes this version worth playing. The video below has a short demonstration of Quest Mode. Don’t forget, if you’re interesting in purchasing a cart, contact me at gdraudt@gmail.com




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