Nintendo NX – Not what i eXpected


I should have expected this from Nintendo though. And now we all know, of course, that it’s officially the Nintendo Switch. I feel that no one was asking for or wanted this, but this is what we’re getting. I’m done with gimmick gaming. And I really hope this isn’t just more gimmicks. I really don’t need detachable controllers or a screen that moves away from the console. The Wii didn’t impress me nor did the Wii U. But you know what I liked about them? Playing good games. I don’t care about new and innovative ways to play these games, I just want them to be good. That being said, if this console is giving me a new Zelda game to play, I will jump in happily. As long as I don’t have to swing my arms around to attack. God dammit I hated Skyward Sword so much. At least you have other options for playing Twilight Princess. But I digress…

Nintendo always seems content to march to their own beat and I’m more or less okay with that. The 3DS has been my favorite system for years now and it’s not because of its 3D effect, it’s because it has, what I consider to be, the best game library available on current consoles. And that’s why I like Nintendo, they produce good games. Even the Wii U I would say I like better than the Xbox One or PS4 (though the PlayStation is quickly changing my stance on that), and it’s all just because of 2 or 3 games that you just can’t live without.

But what’s this hardware capable of exactly? Over the past few decades, storage mediums and the amount of data we can fit on to them has changed drastically. If you told me in 1996 that you could fit my entire PCs hard driver onto a chip that was 1/50th the size physically, but capable of holding 200 times the data, I wouldn’t have believed it (But somehow the prospect of hoverboards was still possible). So when I heard the system was going to use carts like on the DS or Vita, I wasn’t sure if I was happy or not. I prefer physical format over a download, which is a whole different discussion. Now with these tiny cards, I’m still a little worried because even though the 3DS and Vita games look great, they are still nothing compared to the Xbox and Playstation in regards to raw power. So I suppose that will come down to a combination of the hardware specs on the system, how much data they can cram into that little card, and how much of the game content will be download/streaming. I’m also not sure how I feel about using those tiny ass controllers separately, but docked together they don’t look so bad, plus they have a pro controller which I’ll most likely end up getting.


I have so many questions about the new system, but I’ll leave that to the investigators and journalists. I’m just a Nintendo fanboy that’s excited and a little afraid for their new system.


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