Final Fantasy 2

All of you probably know by now that our Final Fantasy II is actually Final Fantasy IV in Japan. We never got the two follow up Final Fantasy games on the NES. Although this game was eventually released here, it wasn’t until its remake on the Playstation and Game Boy Advance. This is the english patched Famicom original Final Fantasy II.
The rom works fine, but there is one slight issue. After powering up, you have to hit the reset button, otherwise you get a grey screen.

final fantasy 2

  1. Great classic RPG! Love this game Final Fantasy II such a great game. This is the real FFII NOT the US FFII on the SNES. This is the story of Firion and his 3 companions and their battle tosave the world from the evil emperor. Fully translated and in the original for made in Japan. Really amazing game especially if you’ve never gotten to play it.


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