RCR: Downtown Special

The period piece, pseudo-sequel to River City Ransom. It’s basically River City Ransom in feudal Japan. There are a few major changes that were made from the original. They added a battery save feature, instead of those insanely long passwords, it has a free roam world style map, and there is always a 2nd player which the computer controls if you don’t have a friend playing with you.


  1. How do I purchase this cart and what are prices

    • Through paypal. WordPress won’t let me put a paypal button on so you can do it straight through my email with paypal, gdraudt@gmail.com I’m working on putting up a separate site specifically for game reproductions. As far as prices, it’s $25 if you provide the donor cart. Otherwise, for this game, it would be $40 if I use my own. Usable donor carts – super tecmo bowl, shadowgate, deja vu, crystalis, baseball stars II

  2. Hello, I am interested in buying Downtown Special sometime in the near future. I was wondering if its still available. Thank you.

  3. Hey its the same Spencer from before. Got Downtown Special from your shop and I am incredibly pleased with it! Thank you and good stuff


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