Devil World

Devil World is an odd Pac-Man like game. This game saw a release in Japan and a few years later in Europe. Though despite the fact that it was already completely in English and it’s relatively simple gameplay,  it was never brought to North America. Because of our countries Puritanical upbringing, Nintendo of America had strict policies against showing any sort of religious references in video games, thus it never reached our shores.

Now how to describe this game… Aside from navigating a maze to eat dots, it shares very little with Pac-Man. The main difference is that unlike Pac-Man where you are free to move around the maze, the screen is constantly in motion in random directions, which you have no control over.  You’re a mini green dragon thing that touches crosses to he can breathe fire. Also you can only collect the dots while you’re holding the cross, which disappears after a short while. You can kill the enemies with your fire and then they turn into…eggs sunny side up? Which you can eat for bonus points. There’s also random ice cream cones that float around that you can eat for points. In other stages you complete the stage by collecting Bibles that you use to fill in gaps of a structure at the center of the stage. WTF Japan?




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