New Ghostbusters II

Another game that just never reached America shores because of stupid legal nonsense.  Japan and PAL regions got the game, but we didn’t because Activision had already released a terrible, terrible Ghostbusters II game and had licensing rights. There was a Ghostbusters II game released in America for the Game Boy and although very similar to the NES version, they are not direct ports of each other.

The game’s native color palette is a bit off. A mod was made correcting some of these issues including – making Winston look like an actual black man, making the proton packs look more authentic, to name a couple. Personally I prefer the modded version, but for the purists out there, I did my gameplay footage with the original. At any rate, I will make either version. Just let me know if you prefer the original or the modded.

New Ghostbusters II

New Ghostbusters II

1007screenshot3 1012screenshot4











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