Seriously, I’m looking for a better job. I live in the southern NH area, but I’d be willing to relocate/travel to a degree. My official resume is available upon request. I’d like to write for money. Not that I don’t love doing my blog here, but I don’t get paid for it. I like writing. I like money. I’d like to combine the two.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English, with a focus in creative writing. Even though that’s what my official degree says, I’d have to say that I’ve spent more time with Film and Video production. I started in my freshman year of high school and continued with that through half of my college career. That doesn’t mean I stopped, it just became more of a hobby than a school major. I have working knowledge of Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier. I’ve worked on a number of student films in my school and others.

For a semester, I interned at Marvel. Yes, THE Marvel, as in Spider-Man. I was an intern for the Executive Editorial Director of Marvel.com, helping to generate original creative content for the website.

I have around 10 years of retail experience, though I am trying to get out of retail. Or at least the selling directly to customers while behind a cash register aspect of it. At any rate, 10 years of retail experience means lots of customer service experience. As it stands now, I have one of the highest customer service ratings in my company.

I’m not sure if it would apply to anything in the world of writing, but I’ll throw this in anyway. I’ve taken a few classes on public speaking. I’ve acted in a few student films as well. I have no problem being in front of a camera. And I was even an indie pro wrestler for about 2 years. Not Olympic style wrestling – WWE style. I am also a nationally certified EMT at the basic level.

  1. What’s an Indie pro wrestler?


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