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Mega Man Legends 3 Revived?

Less than a year ago Mega Man Legends 3 development was cancelled by Capcom. However, that would not be the last we heard of it. A great fan uproar was heard around the world as we all screamed aloud our horror and frustration. Fans have not given up and the demand for MML3 has been thrown down on Capcom’s doorstep. Production of the game was well underway, a prototype was scheduled to be released on the 3DS eshop. It almost seems silly they would cut back on one of their oldest and most adored franchises. Let Capcom know how you feel, sign the petition and join the facebook group.


New York Comic Con – Friday Oct 14

Allow me to open by saying, what the hell is wrong with Japan? A lot of things really, but let’s focus on anime right now. Anime had its own little slice of heaven up on the top floor of the convention center and that’s where you could find amazing works of art like this. I have no idea what this is supposed to be or mean or if it’s from anything, but leave it up to Japan to have hentai, boy on boy hentai, and whatever this is.

It’s been 3 years since my last comic con back in 2008 and this was my wife’s first comic con ever. I got all my gaming out at E3 so it wasn’t really on my agenda this time around, which was fine since the lines to play games were obnoxiously long. Street Fighter x Tekken was there, Mass Effect 3, Kinect games, Sonic Generations, all stuff that’s been seen already. They did have The Missing Link DLC expansion for Deus Ex: Human Revolution available, which is the only thing I regret not getting a chance to play. It’s coming out this month for $15.

Didn’t really do any “work” today so I don’t have much to report on and I didn’t really take pictures of much. This was strictly a relaxation trip. As much as one can relax surrounded by herds of mouth breathing people, having your feet stomped on, and sucking in the fumes of sweaty human meat. Basically we went there to spend some money, and spend money we did! Monica (my wife) got a vintage Ewok doll from 1984, a Walking Dead lunch box and wrist band, a Kirby hat and sticker. We also commissioned two personal works of art. I always wanted to know who would win in an arm cannon duel between Samus and Mega Man, so I got a picture of the duel in progress. I’m always impressed watching artists draw, especially since I have no artistic talent myself, and double especially since he drew this in like 10 minutes.

The other is this anime rendition of Monica. It’s perfect. Click on either picture to link to the artist’s website.

The name's Vader, Ken Vader.

There’s always a downside going to any con dressed up, aside from the obvious self-degradation . Yes that’s me dressed up as Ken Masters from Street Fighter. Anyway, you’re bound to have dozens of people stop you to take a picture, not that I mind having pictures taken. I’m not deluded about this, I know that merely by dressing up I’m drawing attention to myself, and I feel there’s a whole psycho-analytical argument to be made here about why people want to be noticed, but I digress. Sometimes you get like 10 pictures in a row, one right after another, and yeah it’s an act of flattery, but it interferes with your own enjoyment. I was only there for this one day and I wanted to see as much as I could!  Sometimes it’s nice to go sans costume just for that reason. I lost Monica for a bit when she walked off during what could only be described as an impromptu photo shoot. Aside from the mass of people, the carpets just happened to be red and she said I got lost in the color blending.  Although most cosplayers tended to either be Spider-Man, Deadpool, or from Naruto, I did run into a Ryu and Akuma so of course we had to fight to the death. I’m still alive so clearly I won.

The only things I really stopped to take time to look at were a few Gundam toys, a couple video game retail booths which really didn’t have anything special,  and a bunch of awesome new Ghostbusters figures. These figures bear the real likeness of the actors and I believe thats a first for the Ghostbusters. Viggo, the Scourge of Carpathia, the Sorrow of Moldavia, stood out in particular. Did also get to see the Transformers Universe. MMO + Transformers = a great idea but I’m so never going to play another MMO again. I’ve outgrown the idea of paying $15 a month to essentially accomplish nothing and have nothing to show for it in the end. The Old Republic doesn’t count by the way because it’s made by Bioware and will at have a real immersive, character-driven narrative. So I count that as a single player RPG that also just happens to be online.

Got to hang out for a bit with my friend Michael Goodman, better known to some as InvaderBacca, who does some interesting visuals in the 8-bit genre. If you google InvaderBacca, you’ll most likely come across an assortment of art, photos, 8-bit music, and show dates.
I’d love to be there for the whole weekend but tomorrow, Oct 15 is the gaming marathon and then Sunday I’ll be more than likely passed out all day. Don’t forget to join me online tomorrow on XBOX Live, especially if you’d like a Street Fighter IV challenge.

Terrible News! Mega Man Legends 3 Cancelled!!!

oh noes!

To counter my elation over the upcoming River City Ransom 2, I learned recently that Mega Man Legends 3 for the 3DS, HAS BEEN CANCELLED!!! I thought for certain this game has plenty of fan support. I’ve seen screen shots, concept art, it was even in last months Nintendo Power. This seemed like a sure thing. They can’t just tease the loyal Mega Man fans like this and not deliver. It’s not too often Capcom pulls the plug on something. They have a pretty solid fan base. The guys at the Capcom booth at E3 even had Mega Man patches on their shirts. I guess they’re afraid it won’t have the commercial success of Street Fighter and Resident Evil. After all that battle network garbage on the GBA and DS, they needed a good solid Mega Man game again. The Blue Bomber can’t go out like this. Capcom, I demand satisfaction!

Check out the official Capcom statement at the Capcom Community website

Let them know this game needs to get made!

I Wanna Be The Guy

Issue #1

For my first official game review on this blog, I’ll be talking about one of the most infamous indie games out there. Those of you who haven’t heard of I Wanna be the Guy yet, it was created by a complete sadist, Michael “Kayin” O’Reilly, in 2007, and it is perhaps the hardest game I have ever played. No, strike that. It’s DEFINITELY the hardest game I’ve ever played. Just saying that phrase, the hardest, doesn’t even really give you the scope of its complete and unrelenting evilness. It is the epitome of unfair. I am reminded of Street Fighter II, fighting M. Bison for the first time, and complaining that the computer cheats. That pales in comparison to the defeated, quivering, lump of fail that IWTBG leaves in its wake. Be careful not to use a control pad to play this game or it will, with utmost certainty, get thrown across the room in anger. Mainly because IWBTG breaks all conventions that have been by now practically hard wired into us by classic platforming games. Oh look, there’s a ledge I can jump onto for safety. NOPE! IT WAS A TRICK! Oh and what about the fruit in the tree? It’s gonna fall on me, better jump over it. WRONG AGAIN! They fall UP too! This game’s not fun and for those who think it is, they have a serious masochistic streak that probably requires professional treatment. It’s kind of like Two Girls One Cup in that you don’t really enjoy watching it (please say you don’t really enjoy it), but you’ll make your friends play it so you can behold the horror on their faces.

Ok, so maybe that all sounds entirely too hyperbolic for some of you or maybe even like I’m whining, but I do in fact enjoy games with a challenge;  this game is just completely out of control. Now I come from a generation when video games were more about skill, when storylines and graphics were generally not even considered. The deepest plot of my youth was, “But our princess is in another castle.” So when they start you off in this game, absent of directions or hints of any kind, it was nothing new to me. Usually games like this still follow similar patterns and even if you’ve never played it before, you can still usually get the hang of it in a few moments. Then IWBTG comes along and gives you, and what you think about platformers, the big ol’ middle finger.  At the very beginning you start, much like many other platformers, standing on the left side of the screen facing towards the right.  I spent about 20 minutes trying to go this direction only to figure out that no matter what you try, it’s the wrong direction. It leads to certain doom.  One of three spiked walls come slamming out of nowhere and after finally successfully navigating those, the floor below is littered with spikes with NO WAY IN HELL to get to the only safe looking ledge in the room. Then, only due to jumping relentlessly out of frustration, I jumped up the hole which I initially fell through to start the game, and there’s a whole different direction to go! It’s all bright and happy looking, with trees and fruit. With untold elation, my smiling Kid joyfully plodded his way again towards the right and DEAD, another splatterization caused by the unassuming fruit. I was furious, but the curiosity caused by discovering the new room would not allow me to quit yet. After a few more tries I got past the fruit and was about to loop back around, onto the ledges above, towards what would appear now as an easy victory to the next screen, but no. The fruit came right off the tree and flew UP at me.  Eff that game, I was done.  And that was only the beginning few screens of the game.

There are 4 difficulty settings with the default setting as HARD. You can then pick between medium, very hard, or impossible, though they don’t give you an easy setting. And don’t start thinking that medium is easy, it’s still just as unforgiving and no matter what difficulty you pick, if you get hit even just once, even the slightest little tap, you’re dead. Additionally, if you do try on medium, they taunt you by putting a pink bow on your sprite. The only redeeming  quality this game has is that you can hit ‘R’ at any point to retry and the reload is instantaneous. Though you may have to go back quite a ways and redo some stroke-inducing series of jumps. On impossible they don’t even offer this nicety though. Just one death and that’s it, it’s over.

This may all seem like a negative review, but I assure you it’s not. On some level, I am quite fond of this game. I mean it’s better than cutting yourself right? It plays very well for a game controlled by a keyboard. The controls are quick and responsive, the movements are very precise, and there’s no momentum on the character from jumping so you don’t slide around when you actually do land safely somewhere. And of course there’s the obligatory double-jump, which is imperative to your survival. IWBTG plays up some fan service to various classics, including Punch-Out!!, Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Mega Man, and Zelda just to name a few. It’s worth playing through just to see how these get introduced throughout the game.

I definitely think it’s more fun to watch someone else shorten their lifespan with IWBTG than to actually play myself. Because you can find anything on YouTube, there’s a video of someone doing a complete run of the game in five parts. I’m disgusted with these videos though because of how easy it makes it look. You may not even want to play after watching and seeing some of the bullcrap the game throws at you. The first of the five videos is posted below and should link to the others.

Seriously though, if you enjoy a good challenge, or you want to irritate your friends and make them play it, download I Wanna Be The Guy. You can check out the official page of I Wanna Be The Guy below. The download is free, and they do welcome donations.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. If you agree/disagree with me about anything, please feel free to leave a comment. I’m very welcoming to harassment. And if you haven’t checked out my trip to E3, it’s under the uncategorized section.

Thanks for reading!

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