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I was FORCEDTO Point Out This Typo in Bioshock


I know this isn’t the biggest typo in the world and not nearly as huge as Resident Evil: Revelaitons or Nartuo, but I still enjoy pointing out when people screw up. On the back of the PS3 version of Bioshock Infinite, you will notice that “forced to” has been combined into one word. It’s weird that it it only happened on the PS3 version but the other version on 360 and PC are typo free. Hey, why doesn’t someone hire me to be the editor?


Nartuo – I Love Misprints

Naruto: Powerful Shippuden, the most recent release in the franchise, exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, recently suffered a dose of poor proofreading. I noticed this about two weeks ago when the game came out and it made me chuckle. Figured I would share it with the world. It’s not like it’s an A+ title or anything, so it’s likely this will get missed by many people in the stores, so here it is. In case you can’t figure it out from the picture, NARUTO is spelled NARTUO on the spine of the game case. The funniest part about this is that on the coming soon artwork stores displayed on shelves, it was spelled correctly. So where, in between marketing and production, did this go wrong? Seems intentional to me.


actual game case

coming soon cover art

coming soon cover art

Batman Arkham City 360 Misprint

For those of you who haven’t spotted it already, look just below Catwoman’s ass.

This is the back of the box for the Batman: Arkham City XBOX 360 Collector’s Edition. Why is this an error? Because it says it comes with an animated movie on blu-ray. I thought to myself, “How odd that the 360 would come with a blu-ray movie.” But it doesn’t. There’s really a DVD inside. This may be a minor error, but an error nonetheless. Didn’t they learn anything from the IGN logo copy and paste fiasco from the Okami Wii release?

Does this affect anyone? Is this a major life changing event? Is someone getting fired for this? Probably not and it’s all completely irrelevant. But it’s fun to point out someones irreversible publicized blunders.

If you still don’t see it, click on the image for a larger picture.

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