I was FORCEDTO Point Out This Typo in Bioshock


I know this isn’t the biggest typo in the world and not nearly as huge as Resident Evil: Revelaitons or Nartuo, but I still enjoy pointing out when people screw up. On the back of the PS3 version of Bioshock Infinite, you will notice that “forced to” has been combined into one word. It’s weird that it it only happened on the PS3 version but the other version on 360 and PC are typo free. Hey, why doesn’t someone hire me to be the editor?


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  1. This IS pretty surprising. Of all the countless hours of work that went into this and the massive staff required to create such a game, there’s a glaring mistake that could have been caught by a 4 year old. People can argue all they want, “Whatever who cares it’s just a typo”, and whether this was a mistake made by the printing house or some sap with one simple responsibility of checking words, it’s sloppy as hell and shouldn’t have happened.

    • you’d be surprised in how many things that big budget companies put out, have mistakes and/or typos on them. The part about this I really just find humorous is that it’s only on the ps3 version that has this typo. Like they clearly had this correct on the other ones


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