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Because I’m hopelessly sick and can’t pull myself away from Skyrim, I’ve decided to share the top 10 videos I’ve seen on youtube that are Skyrim related. Yes I am completely aware that you could easily go on youtube yourself and check out these videos, but I’ve done all the work for you. No really, this is a cry for help. Really, help me. I can’t stop. Every waking moment is spent playing Skyrim. I’ve stopped eating, I’m losing sleep, my marriage suffers, food had no flavor anymore…
Anyway, top 10 videos in no particular order. Though the top one is totally #1 and if you disagree, you’re just wrong.

Excellent vocals. Do yourself a favor, if you watch no other of these videos, watch at least this one.

8-bit win

Great Dungeons and Dragons cartoon parody.

Because I love Mega Man…

This is great, I just wish they had the vocals with this as well.

Someone has a little too much time on their hands huh?

This may not fit into a “best of” list, but this person needs to receive as much hate mail as the internet will allow. And that’s a lot of hate mail. I mean, I get it. There’s glitches. But does that make it the worst RPG ever? No. And with a game that huge, I expect glitches. It doesn’t lessen my enjoyment of the game. I’d seek to kill the creator of this video, but I much prefer to force him into suicide.

There are many Skyrim unboxing videos out there, but this one is by far the best.

What’s a top 10 without a kitten video?

And what’s one more?

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