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TG-16 Nearing Completion

There were a total of 94 games released in America for the Turbografx 16. Years ago I made it a mission to go about getting the entire library and it looks like I’m nearing completion.  It just so happens that the last dozen or so I need are ridiculously expensive for the most part.
Bomberman ’93
Bonk 3
Darkwing Duck
Hit the Ice
Legend of Hero Tonma – maybe possible one day? If I happen to catch someone off guard or they don’t realize what they have. I’ve seen it sell for up to $1,500 though and that’s way out of my range.
Magical Chase – never going to happen. I have never seen this game sell for less than $5,000. Unless someone bequeaths it to me or I murder someone for it, it’s never going into my collection.
Neutopia II
Parasol Stars
Soldier Blade
Somer Assault
Space Harrier
And lastly, manuals for  Samurai Ghost, Chase HQ, Air Zonk, and Shockman.

Devil World

Just finished another cart – Devil World. I’m not sure what to make of this game. It’s kind of like Pac-Man, but lacks a certain something that you can only get with Pac-Man. On the other hand, you can turn enemies into fried eggs by breathing fire at them after picking up a cross…

Devil World

Devil World

Swords & Potions

Holy fudge I am so hopelessly addicted to this game right now. Usually I’m very outspoken about how much I hate garbage like this. And yet here I am, unable to stop playing it. Swords & Potions is basically like Farmville, and if you don’t know what that is then how did you ever even find this blog? In this game, instead of running a farm, you are “ye olde shoppe keep” and you have to hire craftsman and buy and sell goods to turn a profit, hopefully successfully running your business (into the ground if you’re like me).

Look, there’s no way I can explain this game and make it sound exciting. You’re either into games like this or you’re not. Either way, if you’re even remotely interested, here’s a direct link to Swords & Potions. Check for me there, send me a message. Name is hypergorilla there too.

It’s available to play for free on Kongregate, where they have tons of other games as well, most of them worthless dribble, no better than most of the nonsense you can download for free for an iPhone.

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