Super Mario Bros. 2 Japan – The Lost Levels

Finished another repro cart. Known in America as Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels, this is the official sequel to the original Super Mario Bros. game which was available on the Famicom Disk System. We of course got the remake on SNES in the form of Super Mario All-Stars. If you are interested in purchasing one of these carts, shoot me a message or send me $35 through paypal to with your shipping address. I’ll knock $10 off that price if you send me a donor cart. Message me for possible donors.


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  1. A few days ago I received this Japanese version of Super Mario Bros 2 from Gorilla Games, and I’m totally happy with it. The cart and label are top notch, and the game works perfectly. This is a must own for anyone who is a retro gamer or collector. Is it hard? You better believe it. It also doesn’t like you because you’re an American. But it’s so much fun. I highly, highly recommend this game for anyone with thumbs and eyes. After you play this game for a few hours you will reach a zen state. The universe as you perceive it will fold around you. You are no longer thinking, yet not dreaming. You are not playing the game. It plays all by itself. You will make it to world 8. And then you will die. A lot. And it will be as if somebody has slammed your dick in a desk drawer over and over again. But you will keep playing because it’s Super Mario. And it’s oh so good.

    • I would also like to add that the supposed save feature of the game works thanks for gorehound for proving it and having the patience to beat the game.

      • Honestly patience is the key word there. It took me a while, and i even used the warp zones and the life rack trick at 1-1.

  2. I want it, ¿How i buy it?


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