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Immediate Panic, Then Immediate Relief

Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium Online cancelled?! That’s terrible news! Rumors ran rampant this past weekend that all of THQs 2014 lineup was being cancelled. However, this is not true… for Dark Millennium anyway, the others I couldn’t care less about.

The future is still uncertain for Dark Millennium. Though THQ has denied all the rumors about their lineup being cancelled, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t still happen. But as it stands now, the game is still thankfully in production.

I know a lot of other MMO fans are not looking forward to this game because it doesn’t break from the standard MMO mold enough. Basically a WoW clone with a new skin. But I’m certain that for hardcore 40k fans like myself, this game would be a dream come true. I swear I would quit life for at least 2 months for this game, annul my marriage, leave my job, stop eating, etc.  So even if THQ does cancel the project, I’m sure another publisher would pick it up.

Of course I’ll leave you with a trailer. I’m most excited about the vehicles. I mean who woulnd’t want to control a dreadnaught?

Check out the official site for more information at Dark Millennium Online

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