Skyrim With Guns…

So you mean Fallout right? Yeah… no. I guess winning multiple game of the year awards doesn’t carry the weight that it should if it can still leave you completely forgettable.

I suppose I’m a little late on this one, but I just found out this was one of the tag lines for the Farcry 3 advertising campaign.

At the end of the trailer you see that Machinima states that it’s, “Like Skyrim with guns.” This person clearly isn’t a gamer, probably just someone paid off to say nice things about this game. Fire this person. I’m also left questioning the quality of Far Cry 3 now. Not that I planned on getting this game anyway, but trying to bank on the success of another franchise seems like a cheap way to try to sell your game. The moral: Why does the person that wrote that tag line have a job in video game journalism but I don’t?


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