24 Hour Gaming Marathon for Extra-Life

October 15th has finally arrived and the 24 hour gaming marathon begins!. Anyone looking for some gaming action, feel free to join me at any point during the day on XBOX Live. Incase you didn’t know it already, my gamertag is Goresaw.

The days agenda will include, but will not be limited to:

  • Street Fighter IV – I do have the arcade edition so I’m open to any challenge
  • Warhammer: Space Marine – Seize ground ALL DAY unless someone sends me an invite to another game. Space Marine will be taking up the largest chunk of my day however.
  • Guardian Heroes – it’s 800 points from the marketplace. One of the best brawlers from Sega Saturn. If you haven’t already downloaded this game, stop what you’re doing right now and get it and then send me an invite!
  • Super Puzzle Fighter – like columns but with Street Fighter.
  • Borderlands – starting at around 9 or 10pm,  new game from level 1

I’m open to any challenge though, so as long as I own the game, let’s play.


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I plays games.... a lot

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