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Humble Indie Bundle 4 – FREE GAMES FOR CHARITY

Another win-win situation up for grabs. They’ve put together a collection of games called The Humble Indie Bundle 4 available for download FREE if you want, but you get a bonus if you donate to charity.  5 games are available at no cost, however they throw in another 2 if you donate higher than the average donation rate.  What are the games you ask?

You can donate whatever you want, it’s fully customizable. You only want to donate a dollar, you can! You want to give nothing? You can and still get 5 games for free. If you donate as little as $10 though you get Cave Story+ and Gratuitous Space Battles as the bonus games along with the other 5, for 7 games in all! All of which all sold for around that on their own.

The games are all available on Steam, or for direct download on PC, MAC, and Linux.

The American Red Cross and the Child’s Play Charity get some money and you get a handful of games; everybody wins. So do it!!!

CLICK HERE or the pictures for a direct link to the site.

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