Some Changes

Yeah, what has it been, like a year or whatever since I’ve done anything with this site? Bottom line is, I’ve been in a financial crisis and I haven’t had time to do anything that doesn’t involve making money.

Anyway, I’ve had some free time lately and want to dive into this site again. First off, I’m creating a new site for selling NES repros, which I will keep separate from this one. I will still use this one however for just random brain poops about video games though should anyway still be interested in reading. That being said, if anyone would like to join me, or perhaps be interested in me joining them, let me know. Together, our powers combined….. do I go with a Captain Planet quote here or Wyld Stallyns?

To sum things up, I am interested in two things:

1) Someone who is interested in doing something video game related such as working on this site, longplays, let’s plays, video game music, etc.

2) Someone interested in making video game repros. I have the technical skill, I would be looking specifically someone with artistic skill to help me make better artwork.

Should someone contain both these qualities, awesome, definitely hit me up.






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