Ninja Senki

While I was looking up information on Wizorb, I came came across the personal blog for Pixeltao, Jonathan Lavigne, who worked on Wizorb. I noticed the GAMES tab and within only 2 were listed – Wizorb and Ninja Senki. I liked Wizorb so much, I was about ready to just buy the other game, but I didn’t have to. It’s free!

Ninja Senki is basically your classic, side-scrolling, action platformer, that came out of the 8-bit era. The game feels like what would happen if you mixed Ninja Gaiden with Mega Man. It’s got pretty much everything you would find commonplace in the genre – pitfalls, double jumps, spiky dangers, disappearing platforms, enemies that knock you out of mid air and cause you to fall to your death over and over again, and a difficulty factor that spikes rapidly as your progress. It’s got a catchy, up beat soundtrack that matches the tempo of the game. There’s really not much else to say, it’s a platformer, but it’s free and it’s fun, so go check it out. There’s nothing to install. Just download the zip file and execute.

Ninja Senki Launch Trailer from pixeltao on Vimeo.


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